Escudo de la República de Colombia

Campus Locations

The Universidad Nacional de Colombia counts with seven campuses distributed in the Colombian territory, as the map indicates. In spite of this, there’s only one well known campus, the same one that is center of different and contradictory currents of thought and urban expressions that accentuate its character of Colombian nation’s representative.

  • In the Bogota headquarters there’s a historical nucleus known as the University City or the White City, with 17 buildings that have been declared as national monument and that are representative of the last 60 years of Colombian architecture.
  • In the Medellin campus there’s a construction, designed by Pedro Nel Gomez where The Faculty of Mines Work is located today.
  • The old station of the Overhead Cable Manizales-Mariquita is today the Faculty of Architecture at the Manizales campus, and it was designed by Leopoldo Rother.
  • Architect Santiago Moreno picked up local and native elements for the Leticia campus, merits that were enhanced during the XVI Bienal of Colombian Architecture.
  • The Arauca campuses constructions hosted architects Santiago Moreno, Armando Duque, Alvaro Neira and Pedro Juan Jaramillo. 
  • The San Andres campus is located in the island of San Andres (Caribbean Sea), in the San Luis sector, and consists of one building where the administrative dependencies are located.