Escudo de la República de Colombia

Nature and aims

The Universidad Nacional de Colombia is an autonomous independent entity of superior education linked to the Ministry of National Education, with a special and defined regime as a National and Public University. Its goal is the development of professional education and investigation, which will be encouraged by the State allowing access to it and developing it on the same level as sciences and arts to achieve excellence.

As a public institution that it is, the University refers to a pluralistic, class-conscious and secular character. In addition, the University will not respond to particular interests, which will allow thinking and offering solutions to national problems, above any interest related to an economic yield.

La Universidad Nacional de Colombia has the following aims:

  • To contribute to the national unity, as its center of the intellectual and cultural life, open to all social, ethnic, regional and local trends of thought. 
  • To study, enrich and contribute to the preservation of the cultural, natural and environmental patrimony of the Nation.
  • To assimilate critically and create knowledge in the advanced fields of science, technique, technology, art and philosophy. 
  • To train professionals and investigators on a scientific, ethical and humanistic base, providing them with a critical consciousness so that, will allow them to act responsible against the requirements and tendencies of the contemporary world and lead creatively the processes of change
  • To train free citizens and promote the democratic values of tolerance and commitment to civil duties and human rights.
  •  To promote the development of the national academic community and foment international coordination.
  • To study and analyze national problems, and propound independently relevant solutions to these.
  • To support and advice the Country in the scientific, technological, cultural and artistic orders, with academic and research autonomy.
  • To participate to all social sectors of the Colombian nation, as the beneficiaries of its own academic and research activities.
  • Through cooperation with other universities and institutions of the Country, contribute to the encouragement and promotion of superior education of full quality.
  • To stimulate participation and integration of students, to achieve the superior education aims.